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Mr. Kaustubh K. Yadav (Vice President, IXPOE)

Mr. Kaustubh is a graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Nagpur and has more than 2.5 years of comprehensive experience and understanding under service domain with skilled and fresh knowledge in Operations and Core Management (General).

He graduated in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineer in 2013 and started working for an Shipping MNC in Mumbai as an Project and Site Inspection Engineer for around one year. Although, being from an technical background, he was always inclined and interested to work for an management firm, where he will get an chance and more exposure to learn new, innovative and important processes right from the scratch and tackle the challenges, if facing any, which are needed to be an successful leader and manager.

He joined IXPOE in 2014 and soon became the Operational head in no time. He has an effective leadership capability to manage, train and lead the team of professionals. He has an idea to run successful business process with access to risk, willingness to make decisions in case of uncertainty, urgency, constraints or obstacles to deliver on time by maintaining the qualities of resourcefulness, trust and loyalty. He is a confident individual with positive attitude having hardworking nature and have the ability to see the solutions to unforeseen problems by being able to adjust according to the situation.

He is known for his silent, polite, convincing nature and excellent communication along with interpersonal skills. He personally believe in team work, hard work, capability of willingness to learn and take knowledge from every way possible with an personal opinion and belief of working with team as a teammate, rather than Senior manager,