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IXPOE Programs for Schools of International Boards

Outsourcing Model: Proposal of teaching assistance by IXPOE experts for internal classes of School.

How this program works

  • IXPOE teachers go to school and take the classes.
  • The program can be kept hidden to parents as if teachers of the school are teaching students.
  • There will be some support required from school authority to ensure the internal processes of IGCSE/IB/AS and A Level Boards e.g Project work, Attendance, etc.
  • The teaching team will be highly qualified having experience of teaching international boards for several years and trained by the founder of the institute
  • School will be free from liability of hiring of teachers.
  • It provide opportunity to be focused on management part.
  • As per requirement of faculty, School will always rent the teacher for short time or long time.
  • Once school is tied up with IXPOE, IXPOE always re commend parents to take admission in your school during counselling of student in IXPOE. It will increase the revenue of schools as well.
  • Faculty will be available as per school budget.
  • IXPOE faculty will not disclosed their identity. It will be shown as school faculty.

Note:Please note that details mention over website is just an high level details . These plan and cost can be customized as per requirement of School.

Contact Details

For any further information related to this program, please do write or reach out to us at +91- 80- 8800 2244 Or you can reach out to following authority to get further details.

Amaresh Kumar Yadav Kaustubh Yadav
Principal Senior Manager Vice President
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