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IXPOE Programs for Schools of Indian Boards

IXPOE Integrated school program for Indian Board School

  • IXPOE tied up with couple of schools in Bangalore to build foundation of students and enable them to crack any competitive level examination.
  • This program commit for maintaining exceptionally high standards of learning and therefore seek only the sincere & hardworking students for our courses. A very high degree of commitment, dedication and strong motivation for success in JEE (Main+Advanced), JEE (Main), AIIMS/ NEET, Board/ NTSE/ Olympiads and the life thereafter is expected from the students.
  • The classes for these students will be conducted in these schools but in the form of a separate IXPOE Section and the complete academics of this section will be controlled and executed by IXPOE
  • Transportation facility will be provided by School.
  • This program target VI Grade to XII Grade students.
  • A study program in the school with a synergistic approach to both the Board studies as well as JEE (Main & Advanced) / Other Competitive Entrance Exam preparation.
  • A program that ensures same teacher for XI, XII studies & JEE (Main & Advanced) preparation as well as practical.
  • A program that eliminates the opposite pressure forces on the student.
  • A program for both Boards as well as JEE (Main & Advanced)& Medical / Other Competitive Entrance Exam Preparation - that will complement each other.
  • A program that will prepare students extremely well for not only JEE (Main & Advanced) and board exams but for all other Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams.
  • A program that will prepare students extremely well for not only JEE (Main & Advanced) and board exams but for all Other Engineering Entrance Exams & Scholastic Exams like Jr. Science Olympiad in class IX, various Talent Search Exam conducted by State Government like JSTSE (Delhi) / SSTSE (Rajasthan) / MTSE (Maharashtra) etc in class IX, NTSE in class X & KVPY / Sr. Science Olympiad in class XI & XII.

Note: Please note details mention on website gives you just an overview of program. This program can be customised as per requirement of School and students.

Contact Details

For any further information related to this program, please do write or reach out to us at +91- 80- 8800 2244 Or you can reach out to following authority to get further details.

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