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About Ixpoe

We want to improve the quality of education to help more Students engage with IXPOE and develop knowledge together.

IXPOE was founded in 2013. IXPOE stands for International Exponential Education and we specialize in tutoring students for IB, IGCSE, AS/A Level, SAT, AP, College Math, Additional Math (IGCSE), and Further Math (IB/A level). We also do counseling for admission abroad, subject choice, and university essays. Assistance is also provided for extended essay and internal Assessment (IA). IXPOE team consists of 2 expert Teachers who have trained hundreds of students for IB, IGCSE, A-Level, SAT, CBSE, ISC, PUC, AIEEE, IIT JEE and so forth. They have counseled hundreds of students for their career path, choice of subjects, admissions abroad etc. Rohit and Manish started their first successful institute in 2003 in West Bengal. They had run it for 3 years successfully before starting their professional jobs